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Agab Trading and Investment Company Limited was established in 2008 as a private firm for supply of automotive Spare Parts and Servicing catering to wide variety of brands and makes in South Sudan. The company was founded by businessmen with a wealth of long experience and strong financial back up with its base of operations in Juba, South Sudan. Since its operation begun, the company has gained continuous success due to its reliable and stable reputation among its client base.

Agab team has highly skilled engineers, staffs, technicians and front liners from different nationalities. This ensures delivery of our services and products to the highest professional and efficiency resulting to highest customer satisfaction level.

Our Spare Parts Department has the biggest volume of stock inventory and maintains the highest supply rate among its competitors in the market Situated is a 500 sq m lot area. Due to its efficient logistical facilities, the company offers the most competitive pricing structure so that it caters to both retail and wholesale customers. We are dealing in spare parts for major brands such as Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi among others, selling of new cars, imports new cars, Engineering and general construction.

The company’s managing Directors have a wide experience in supplying genuine spare parts, lubricants, Food stuff supply, building materials, engineering and Construction and other services making it possible for our daily operations we do carry out after local companies in complementing both to the private and public sector.

Our motto is to empower and partner with others in order to achieve the overall strategic objective of the company and affiliated entities not forgetting its influence on the nation building process after years of destructive war.

The strategic objectives of the company include: 

·         To deal in supply of spare parts, lubricants and vehicles services.

·         To deal in assorted food stuffs such as: Sugar, rice , etc

·         To deal in general supplies of building materials such as; cement, iron sheets, tiles, steel, electronics, etc.

·         To implement, maintain continually quality management systems in the company.

·         To insure sustainable profit good returns for its investment

·         To provide quality services exceeding the expectation of our clients

·         To provide employment opportunities to the local communities in south Sudan.

Vision and Mission

Agab Trading & Investment Co. Ltd sets its priorities at providing efficient services to its customers. Its aim is to build a credible and reputable company that provides maximum value to its customers, investors, suppliers and the community in which it operates.

The Company operates with a mission that its customer’s needs will be met in a professional, efficient, timely and friendly manner. We strive to continually improve our operations and market strategies and gear them all towards expanding our customer’s base.

Core Strength

Agab Trading & Investment Co. Ltd is committed to provide the highest quality professional Spare General Trading and construction services in the region. This commitment can only be maintained through the efforts of its people. We proudly employ a dedicated staff experienced in construction professionals and craftsmen.

We believe that in order to maintain and grow this dedicated staff, we must provide a challenging, stable and pleasant work environment, which offers many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Statement of Commitment:

We maintain an open, honest and comfortable atmosphere where people can feel good about their work and their colleagues.

Quality                 A commitment to quality to the best in all of us. Self-

respect and  the respect of others are the rewards that result from a quality job.

Client Satisfaction         Striving for perfection in anticipation of exceeding our

clients’ highest expectations.Building good client relationships through leadership, creative solutions and hard Work.

Safety         Transportation and construction is a hazardous

                                      Business. We are dedicated to Education,

                                      Implementation and self-monitoring of all safety

programs to ensure the safety working  environment  for all our employees


Team Work     The team is greater than the sum of its individual

                                      parts. Simply stated, our Company is only as good as

the chemistry that exists between us. We foster

cooperative efforts between  all employees.

Individual InitiativeThe courage and tenacity required to promote new

ideas is the result of hero that exists  in all of us. We

 Encourage everyone to look for better ways of doing             

things and foster the forums in which  expressing

those ideas become reality.

Merit Shop ConceptAgabis a merit shop general contractor. We evaluate

our subcontractors and suppliers strictly  on

performance and Pricing.

Profitability          We view profitability as a way of strengthen the

Company and as means to perform more desirable projects and provide a better working environment.

Our Commitment           A commitment is only as good as the Company that

Makes it, building facilitiesthat are Economical, reliable and efficient has beenour commitment since 1989. Our team of transport and construction professionals offers a single Source solution for all your related needs.

Whether its transportation restoration, site preparation, a new facility or facility renovation, we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality service on schedule and within budget.            

The Company’s Corporate values are:

§  Open and Honest relationships with government bodies, corporations and individuals;

§  Clear and Mutually beneficial relationships with partners, customers and suppliers of goods, works and services;

§  Financial transparency and accountability;

§  Business development based on social responsibility; 

§  a constant search for ways to improve competitiveness and efficiency of services and products provided;

§  a respectful and caring attitude to people;

§  a commitment to modern international standards of corporate governance