WORKSHOP (Auto Service Center):-

 Our service centre is located in a very convenient place within the outskirts of Juba town. This allows for a bigger space that can accommodate our customers’ fleets.Having modern state of the art equipment; our service centre has sky rocketed our name due to the quality of work that comes with this kind of investment.We also boast for having highly skilled members of our staff with strong backgrounds in their careers. These are well selected people from different nationalities and cultures and therefore bringing in wealth of knowledge for better service delivery.

Capacity of Work

AGAB Trading & Investment Company believes in performance to its level best. We therefore have what it takes to accommodate as much work as we come across.The service centre has a capacity of accommodating up to 50-100 vehicles, coming for routine and repair services to major maintenance service.

Operations Procedures:

In order to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of our service operations, the following process gives us a proper guideline:

Opening Hours

Monday Friday 8.30am – 5.00 pm. Saturday 8.00am – 12.00 noon

Sunday: Closed

Service Reception

We have qualified Service Advisers to handle costumer receiving with good interpersonal skills and technical background. They are fully knowledgeable of the service processes keeping the customer satisfaction in mind. They are also responsible for maintaining and updating customer database. They were carefully selected to suit the job being our workshop representative to our customers.


To properly identify the problem, our qualified service advisers are gets all the information from the customers by proper use of communication skills to obtain all necessary information. Utilizing acquired experience, technical capability and customer communication technique,   problem solving process is narrowed down resulting to accurate and quick repair.

Diagnosis and Repair

We have engineers and highly qualified technicians to carry out repair according to their area of specialization. We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing Zero repeat job as well as quick and economical repair by way of accurate and intelligent diagnosis. We are equipped with modern tools and diagnostic tools to assist us in our repairs which our technicians and engineers are trained and capable of using.

Obtaining Approval

Before carrying out any repair on our customer’s vehicle, an approval from the customer must be acquired first by way of telephone call or direct communication. For our fleet customers, a written approval from the authorized representative is necessary.

Job Allocation

Job Controller is mainly responsible for managing in the work shop according to the workshop load and available technicians. The jobs are allocated to the right technicians according to the nature of the problem.

Quality Control Department:

Safety and Quality Control

Bearing in mind that safety and quality control will never depart from each other, our teams of engineers in charge of the department have held the challenge properly, always on toes to ensure that be it a client’s properties at our disposal or our team remain safe as they operate any machine or a vehicle. This extends to ensuring all the work done is properly counterchecked for good quality during hand over.

A very important stage in our service process is the quality control check. This is to ensure that the customer’s concern is resolved and that all other recommended repairs are properly noted and reported. A two stage quality inspection is applied:

§  Static QC– a systematic and procedural vehicle inspection to ensure that all the requested repairs are all done and the problem is resolved. This also includes overall checking of the vehicle condition as well as cleanliness

§  Dynamic QC– This is quality inspection of the vehicle by road testing to check and ensure vehicle safety and road worthiness after repair


§  Is a part of our service process where our service advisers follow the procedure for proper deliver of the vehicle? After completion of the repairs, our service advisers ensure the readiness of the vehicle prior to calling and informing the customer to collect the vehicle.

  According to the invoice generated, the service adviser explains the    details of the work done including the prices. The customer is also advised of the next service visit and informs the customer that a follow up call is expected after three days from the receiving date of the vehicle.

Follow up

After three (3) days from the delivery date of the vehicle, our customer service staff will call the customer to get a feedback regarding the repair that was carried out. A standard questioner is utilized for this exercise. This will make our customer feel that we care. At the same time, this will also help us gather information from customer feedback that will help us know our weak or areas for us to improve and become better.

Health and Safety

Our Company is fully compliant to all local regulations as far as safety and health is concerned. Not only to ensure a conducive and safe working environment but most importantly the welfare of its employees. Our facilities are designed to promote smooth operational flow and accident avoidance lay out. In compliance to local safety regulations, fire prevention and air ventilation equipments are provided. All technicians are provided with safety gadgets to protect them from injuries and other physical and health hazards.

Products and Services:

§  Scheduled Services and quick service

§  Periodic Maintenance Service for 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 80,000 kilometer service

§  Key programming and initialization

§  Computerized diagnosis and programming procedure by TOYOTA Intelligent tester for immobilizer and key less entry system

§  Trouble diagnosis and system initialization

General Repair

a.    Engine mechanical diagnosis and repair

·         Engine Overhauling

b.    Chassis and suspension diagnosis and repair

·         Suspension, Steering Automatic and manual transmission repair

c.    Brake system diagnosis and repair

·         BS, EBD, BA and various Brake system diagnosis and repair

1.    Air Con and Electrical diagnosis and repair

·         A/C cleaning and overhaul

·         Body electrical repair

2.    Tire service

·         Tire changing

·         Wheel balancing

·         Four wheel alignment

3.    Body Repair and Paint

a.    Body restoration

b.    Accident damage repair

c.    Wash Over

4.    Other Services

a.    Fleet management Service

Complete management of our client’s fleet of vehicles

b.    Off Site Services

We are committed to go out of our way to provide our services at customer’s site or location. We have qualified and experienced team for our dispatch; we also provide road side assistance or servicing outside our workshop where the help is needed.